The train of technology rolls relentlessly through the business world. If you’re hoping to grow your business, you have two choices: get on board, or get left behind.

“But we’ve gotten plenty of business without a website,” you say. True, a website may not be for you. But here are five reasons you should consider working with Ontogeny Advertising on a professional, functional website:

  1. Your neighborhood has gotten significantly bigger.
  2. The U.S. Dept of Commerce tells us that 77% of Americans have Internet access, and that they spent $165.4 billion on e-commerce in 2010. You don’t want a piece of that pie?

  3. Your business never really closes.
  4. People in other time zones – even other countries – may be searching for products you sell. If you have a functional website, your front door doesn’t have to be open for them to learn more about your business and decide to place an order with you.

  5. Your competition may have one.
  6. About half of all businesses have a website. Simply having a Web presence can give you an advantage over your competition when someone goes online to look for products you both sell.

  7. You can get social.
  8. This can have a variety of benefits. You can alleviate customers’ most common questions with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, customers can sign up to be on your e-mail list so you can send them regular updates and offers, and a website can be an easy gateway to the social-media world of Facebook and Twitter.

  9. It’s cost-effective.
  10. You can host a website for just a few dollars a month. And considering Google alone fields more than 90 million searches per day, just one sale could make that a very affordable return on investment.

To discuss how Ontogeny can help you establish and manage a presence online, contact us.